Natural Handmade Soaps

Natural Handmade Soaps

Nesli uses the cold process method to make her natural soaps which require a minimum of 4-6 weeks curing time. 

The soap is hand cut, and made in small batches for best quality using fair trade oils and butters and oil infusions. She is proud to be sustainable and grow all the herbs and flowers used in her soap making.

Cleansing with commercial soap bars can strip skin of its natural moisture and cause sensitive skin to feel dry. The restorative properties of organic oils and butters help protect the skin's natural ph-balance and moisture, leaving your skin feeling nourished and soft.


To help make your soap last longer keep in dry between washes. We have separate listings for soap dishes which will help keep your soap dry between uses.

Choose from the menu as to which soap you would like.


Plastic free packaging.