Set of 3 Willow Bird Feeders

Set of 3 Willow Bird Feeders

This is a sweet little set of  3 spiral bird feeders, suitable for popping in fruit, or seed and fat mix.


Each feeder is approximately 20cm long/high and 7cm at the top opening (a few cm more in total) and is hung by its simple twine handle. They look lovely by themselves and make a great litte gift to bird and nature lovers.

Feed is not included in the set. These can equally be used to pop a mini plant pot into the top!


Please note:
Actual feeders received may look slightly different to in the photo as each are handmade and naturally unique.
To keep these feeders hygienic for the birds they can be dipped in hot water periodically (be careful when dealing with hot water!) and hung back up to drip dry.


Please check which foods are suitable and safe to put out for the birds for good health – the RSPB and other wildlife charities offer good advice on this.
Be aware visiting squirrels may chew through the willow!
These feeders are likely to last a couple of years or more. Willow is a natural plant material and will degrade over time.
Not a toy, not suitable for very young children or to put where dogs can chew them. *


Handmade by Christina