Willow Wreaths

Willow Wreaths

Willow wreaths are beautiful, unique and timeless, and offer something different to each person.

They are popular for florist arrangements, home crafted decorations, table and door decor pieces, for weddings and other life occasions and celebrations and more. They can also be displayed simply as they are.

Made using Somerset grown buff/stripped willow giving a beautiful light brown/caramel colour.

Each hoop is approximately 30cm in diameter (outer edge) and 4cm thickness and depth but as they are handmade, there can be a 2cm difference in size.

Indoor or Outdoor?
I would recommend these for indoor use for a long lasting product.

Please note - The colour of these wreaths are fully natural, and may change a little over time as the willow ages, adding to their natural and rustic charm. Willow is a natural material and will over time degrade but these items should last many years especially as kept indoors.