The passion and inspiration behind our business

What makes Warwickshire Artisans great is our incredible Makers. Passionate, experienced, talented and friendly, we truly have the best of the best. Get to know the people behind the business, who are dedicated to making sure your needs are not only met, but exceeded.

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Louise is the visionary behind the concept of Warwickshire Artisans and is responsible for bringing all the Makers together. 

Completely self taught, but with an obsession for perfection, Louise works with all sorts of textiles creating patchwork quilts, art and rope baskets.

Hating to see waste, she uses clothes and fabric scraps that would otherwise be thrown away to make beautiful art and useful things such as bags and blankets.

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With a thriving career in bushcraft, Warwickshire Artisans is pleased to have Matt Prees as part of the team. Matt's craft is working with wood, and his passion for the outdoors translates beautifully in his handmade items.

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Sophie is an fluid artist, specialising in alcohol inks, fluid acrylic and resin.
She is inspired by movement, emotion and how everyone perceives this differently. The mediums she uses allow her to express this and paint in unconventional abstract ways. No two pieces are ever the same. 
She has turned her passion for colour and patterns into hand painted gifts and large home decor pieces for others to be able to enjoy.

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Ben explores culture and politics through iconography and the lens of comedy. Developing an extensive range of spoof vintage-style ‘SMART Book Cover’ prints, greetings cards inspired by classical literature, re-imagined the iconic Penguin format and colour-coded categories as ‘Pangolin Books’ Bens work has a humour and style rarely found elsewhere. His ‘SMART lighting’ range offers a ‘second life’ to objects that have outlived their usefulness, transforming their use into elegant desk lamps.

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Tamsen is a Ceramic Artist and Silk Painter. Working with clay, for Tamsen, takes the tactility of silk into three dimensions. She takes inspiration from the flow of water and the beauty of nature and tries to capture some of that beauty in her art.  Tamsen makes both functional and simply beautiful ceramic works.

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Jules is a jewellery designer from Harbury who creates unique and exciting pieces. Over the past three years, she has been making her unique 'Scarf Necklaces' in a variety of eye-catching colours and

fabrics. They are fabulous to wear either as a scarf or instead of a necklace. Each one is secured with a magnetic clasp making life even more simple.

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Sharron and Carolyn

Friendship and a love of sewing brought friends Sharron and Carolyn together to start their sewing venture. They started repurposing fabric and soon designed and developed a “beautiful bits and bobs bag” range. These have proved to be the perfect gift for the person who has everything as they are machine washable and are great for many uses, from toiletries and makeup to bread and plants!

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Magdalena is a watercolour artist and designer who loves nature. From a very early age she started drawing cartoons and Japanese manga which has significantly influenced her style. 

Although Magdalena enjoys experimenting with different mediums and forms of art, she mainly concentrates on British wildlife. Magdalena has a unique style that is both colourful and dynamic, giving all her animals their own characters with different stories to tell.

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Chaz works with willow and creates some larger pieces that we really love.


Sanna is never happier than when she is in her studio crafting. Based in Warwickshire Sanna makes a range of hand-poured Aromatherapy candles and soaps. Sustainability, and being environmentally friendly is at the forefront of everything that she creates. All candles are made using soya wax, with wooden wicks to give a super cosy crackling sound, and 100% pure essential oils. She also makes soaps using gorgeous shea butter with oatmeal and 100% pure essential oils. All packaging is handmade from recycled materials.

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With rather a big obsession with most things “crafty”, Helen is always looking for new things to try, learning new skills, techniques and crafts. But her biggest passion is greetings cards.

‘ All of her designs start off handmade but some have been developed into printed and hand finished so to offer a good price range.

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Carly makes beautiful, simple, Sterling Silver jewellery - handcrafted from her home workshop in Rugby, Warwickshire. All items are made with love & care, using traditional, self-taught silversmithing techniques to produce lovely long-lasting pieces – perfect for everyday wear and that also make a really lovely gift for someone special. Many different semi-precious gemstones often feature in her pieces and many items can be personalised by using the traditional hand stamping metal punches. Carly also makes extremely popular and unique hand-stamped vintage cutlery pieces, all stamped with various sayings, quotes, lyrics, words and fun designs along with jewellery made from vintage cutlery.

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Emma is a textile Artist working in felt and embroidery. Her inspiration comes from using her own photographs, a happy memory, nature and beautiful places. She creates art for the home, contemporary space and personal happiness.
Emma enjoys both wet felting and needle felt. Free form embroidery has a sense of abandonment which is very calming almost trance like, the outcome of which sometimes is not known and can be a surprise when the piece is finished. Emma draws with her sewing machine paints with fibre, manipulating it into vessels, this is how she explores the natural world and its beauty.

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Jayne has always had a love of glass. She went to college and studied stained glass and fused glass.  Jayne loves all the things you can create with glass and is continuing to learn and expand her designs. She also offers custom pieces.

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Faye is an artist and designer who works from her cabin in the back garden of her Warwickshire home. Fuelled by tea and biscuits and with her Jack Russell Eddie for company, she has created a collection of Ramshackle Cottages and Seaside Houses inspired by her love of the Great British seaside.
Each piece is unique and created using reclaimed timber and as many recycled materials as possible.

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Sheran has been teaching the ancient craft of pewter work for over 10 years in Johannesburg, South Africa where she had a studio. She also uses different mediums to mix with her pewter work such as clay, decopage, stencils and recycled materials to create her one of a kind pieces of art. After many years in Africa she has come home and is truly inspired by her surroundings in the beautiful county of Warwickshire to create mixed-media pewter art from the local animals and scenery.


Inspired by ancient frescos in Crete, Elanor's intention was to make beads which resemble a long lost discovery. Flecks of gold glimmer through the neutral shades. Unexpected colours and patterns occasionally appear. The distressed finish suggests the rediscovery of buried treasure.

Each bead is unique in that it is hand made.


It is hard to believe it was only 3 years ago that Sarah started drawing when she gave up work to become a full-time carer. With a love of animals, she started drawing her own dogs before plucking up the courage to draw other people's beloved pets.


Based in Shakespeare’s, leafy Warwickshire James has always enjoyed being creative.

Over the last few years he has honed his skills in traditional leatherwork to design and handcraft leather accessories for your homes, hobbies, humans and hounds alike.


In her studio practice, Sarah designs and makes paper artworks, including but not limited to, indigo and eco dyeing techniques. Sarah also undertakes commissions for bespoke furniture pieces, utilising her skills for paper and paint. 

Sarah has conducted workshops focussed on her practice, at venues such as Warwick Arts Centre and from her studio in Coventry.


Debbie is often inspired by folklore, songs, poems and observations of daily life.

Debbie specialises in 3d sculpting in terracotta clay, with each piece going through a lengthy process of drying, firing, sanding, washing, decorating, waxing and finishing to produce high-end results. 

Each piece is uniquely handcrafted without the use of moulds and they are the culmination of imaginary stories dreamt up as the pieces are formed. 




Angela is an artist specialising in watercolour and acrylics. She has always had an interest in nature and wildlife and much of her work incorporates these subjects. However, she also undertakes commissions for pet, car, and house portraits and whatever the medium, she loves to use lots of colour in her work.

Angela is experienced in running art workshops and will soon be offering art workshops, including her ‘Paint & Prosecco’!


Dave specialises in wood turning - his generous nature is what attracted him to Warwickshire artisnas as he insists on 50% of all sales going to charity. 

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Christina lives in Warwickshire and weaves various items out of UK grown willow. Some items are functional, others decorative, and all can make a lovely addition to your home, garden, or special event, as well as making great gifts for loved ones. With a passion and respect for nature, creating unique items out of natural and sustainable materials is important to Christina. She makes small baskets, wreaths of all sizes, decorations for occasions, bird feeders, obelisks and so much more.  

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Primarily a textile artist, the blues of sea and sky and pinks and greens of summer flowers inspire Deborah to work with bright, strong combinations of colour.She is fascinated by how nature regenerates and entangles itself and so embeds in her work, linear images of plants alongside loose threads and frayed edges.Find stitch, print and paint on bespoke home dyed stool and seat coverings. She often reuses older fabrics alongside the new. Each construction is individually constructed, no two are alike.

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Claire is an artist working from her studio in Stratford-upon-Avon, where she produces quirky colourful acrylic paintings of houses, animals and people. She also creates 3D works of art using reclaimed objects. Old wooden trays and cigar boxes become frames for rows of painted driftwood houses, with nails for chimneys and needle felted trees.

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Nicola is a textile artist who works with all mediums to create gifts and home decor including her beautiful bespoke lampshades.

Her true passion however, is working with wool and fibre. She hand dyes luxury yarns and hand spins funky textural art yarns.

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