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Meet the artists

What makes Warwickshire Artisans great is our incredible artists and crafters. Passionate, experienced, talented and friendly, we truly have the best of the best. Get to know the people behind the business, who are dedicated to making sure your needs are not only met, but exceeded. Many of our makers are happy to adapt their designs to your specific requirements and take commissions.

If you have something in mind or would like more information, please contact us


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The passion & inspiration behind our business

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Angela D

Specialty: mixed media

Location: Mappleborough Green

Workshop Tutor

Angela is a watercolourist, mixed media artist and teacher who has a particular passion for painting nature and wildlife, taking inspiration from the beauty around us. Whatever the subject though, she loves to use lots of colour in her work. Angela runs regular workshops at Yew Tree Farm with Warwickshire Artisans where you can cover a wide range of mediums in both one-off workshops and also 6 week courses to suit all abilities. She loves to see beginners start to develop their own style and enjoy the process of creating - there is nothing more rewarding than to bring joy to others through art. There is no right or wrong way to create art, as long as it brings pleasure or a smile, then your 'art is a success'.

Emma G

Specialty: various mediums

Location: Coventry

Workshop Tutor

Emma is primarily an oil painter where she enjoys working in the ‘Alla Prima’ (wet on wet) technique. Her current work is painting small daily paintings from various subjects including, still life, portraits, birds, and nature. Emma is a professional artist and lecturer providing workshops at Warwickshire Artisans in various mediums including, watercolour, acrylic and oil painting.

Susan W

Specialty: collage


Workshop Tutor

Hi, I’m Susan and I am a compulsive creative! I stumbled upon collage a few years ago and loved it. It’s such a forgiving medium. You can paste over mistakes, insert texture, build up colour and hide secret messages! When viewed from a distance, you’ll be tricked into thinking they’re paintings. In reality, they’re just torn up bits of magazine stuck down with PVA! That’s the magic of collage!

Jane W

Specialty: acrylic

Location: Stratford upon Avon

Workshop Tutor

More information coming soon


Specialty: fluid artist

Location: Wellsbourne

Workshop Tutor

Sophie is an fluid artist, specialising in alcohol inks, fluid acrylic and resin. She is inspired by movement, emotion and how everyone perceives this differently. The mediums she uses allow her to express this and paint in unconventional abstract ways. No two pieces are ever the same. She has turned her passion for colour and patterns into hand painted gifts and large home decor pieces for others to be able to enjoy.

Claire B

Specialty: mixed media

Location: Stratford upon Avon

Claire creates unique 2D/3D works of art using driftwood, recycled wood and found objects.

Sue C

Specialty: acrylic

Location: Coventry

My preferred medium is Acrylic Paint. Art is an expression of my passion for the great outdoors and nature. The beautiful diverse countryside of woodlands, lakes, rivers and of course the coast with its crashing waves, rock pools or golden sands, provides endless inspiration.

Jim G

Specialty: acrylics

Location: Henley in Arden

More information coming soon.


Specialty: acrylics

Location: Kineton

More information coming soon.


Specialty: watercolour & fine line drawing

Location: Rugby

Inspired by the natural world, Gemma can often be found immersed in her sketchbook, capturing flowers, birds and wildlife in ink and watercolour, on its pages. Gemma graduated from Nottingham Trent School of Art in 2007 and returned to drawing during the 2020 lockdown. She rediscovered her joy of creating through daily drawing and art activities with her children. Her greetings cards are printed professionally in Warwickshire and are on 100% recycled card stock with 100% recycled envelopes.


Specialty: watercolour & acrylics


Bethany is a local artist who uses a variety of mediums depending on how she feels each day. At the moment she is finding inspiration in the animal kingdom, from safari animals to woodland creatures, using pencils, watercolour, oil or ink depending on the subject.


Specialty: watercolour 


Magdalena is a watercolour artist and designer who loves nature. From a very early age she started drawing cartoons and Japanese manga which has significantly influenced her style.

Alicia F.jpg

Alicia F

Specialty: acrylic pour

Location: Stratford upon Avon

Both the colour palates I use and the form and flow of my pieces are inspired from my favourite places in nature, often from the forests and rivers I discover on walks with my dog Nova, and each piece is named after its place of inspiration. My art work was first formed when I lived in the lake district, and now that I have made the permanent move to Stratford I am excited to unearth all the beauty that Warwickshire has to offer.





Specialty: animal sculptures

Location: Alderminster

Workshop Tutor

More information coming soon.

jim - pottery
Noami palmer.jpg

Louise E

Specialty: functional ceramics

Location: Rugby

Graduating with a ceramics degree in 1997, Louise enjoys making functional and decorative tableware and draws inspiration for her sgraffito decoration (made by scratching through a surface to reveal a lower layer of a contrasting colour) from flora, fauna and from mid-century and scandinavian design.

Jim E

Specialty: decorative ceramics

Location: Kenilworth

Working with a humble lump of clay, with so many options to create shapes and forms still never ceases to inspire me. Some years ago, I found that throwing on the wheel was where I wanted to spend my valuable spare time. There is nothing quite like it for me, as I sit with a ball of clay on my wheel, constructing the idea of what it is to become before I send it on its own little journey.


Specialty: decorative ceramics

Location: Sutton Coldfield

More information coming soon.


Specialty: functional ceramics

Location: Stratford upon Avon

Julia is a potter who works in her garden studio in Stratford-upon-Avon, making a range of functional ceramics on a potter’s wheel. She has always had a passion for design and believes that everyday objects should be both functional and beautiful.  She originally trained as a product designer before discovering the pleasure of working with clay.  Julia loves making things that will bring a little joy to everyday life, including small batches of bowls, jugs and mugs made in beautiful colours with care and attention to detail.


Specialty: functional ceramics

Location: Claverdon

More information coming soon.

Penny Jane Designs #cobweb Felted Scarf 2022.jpg
Penny bowl.jpg


Penny Dixon.jpg
3 bags.jpg


Specialty: felt artist

Location: Birmingham

Workshop Tutor

Penny has been a felt artist for 18 years and, as well as offering workshops at Warwickshire Artisans, teaches regularly at many museums and arts centres around the West Midlands. She produces collections of luxurious hand-felted goods, wall hangings and accessories made from soft merino and native breed wools. With an emphasis on well-being, Penny offers a selection of wearable art scarves, brooches and vessels. All are inspired by nature and brought into a contemporary focus using delightful bright hues to make you feel cherished.

Emma J

Specialty: felt artist

Location: Kings Heath, Birmingham

Emma makes hand felted textiles for interiors and to wear using natural luxury fibres including merino wool, silks and velvet. Fusing traditional and contemporary felting techniques she creates textured surfaces inspired by organic forms and patterns found in nature, using the memory of wool to explore the fibres potential to form sculptural, textured surfaces. Emma does this by manipulating the wool with Nuno and Shibori processes to achieve permanent shapes and patterns, which echo her sources of inspiration. Taking an experimental approach to the ancient craft of felt making she combines materials and processes to celebrate tactility making table lamps, lampshades, cushions, scarves and bags that engage the senses and invite touch.


Gifts & homeware

Anthea Yeo.jpg


Specialty: satirical art

Location: Leamington Spa

Ben explores culture and politics through iconography and the lens of comedy. Developing an extensive range of spoof vintage-style ‘SMART Book Cover’ prints, greetings cards inspired by classical literature, re-imagined the iconic Penguin format and colour-coded categories as ‘Pangolin Books’ Bens work has a humour and style rarely found elsewhere. His ‘SMART lighting’ range offers a ‘second life’ to objects that have outlived their usefulness, transforming their use into elegant desk lamps.


Specialty: surface printing

Location: Nuneaton

Rakha Madahar is a surface pattern designer and illustrator who creates patterns and prints for apparel, home decor, and more. Her work is bold and vibrant, and is inspired by her travels, experiences and South Asian heritage background. Rakha’s signature prints can be seen currently on a range of eco-friendly and sustainable products. From wrapping paper to notebooks printed on recycled paper.


Specialty: candles

Location: Southam, Warwickshire

DoDo has always had a love of candles and being creative. Each combination of container, wax, wick and fragrance has been fully tested to give rich scents, long burn times and to look aesthetically pleasing. A great believer in sustainability and keeping life as eco-friendly as possible, DoDo uses coconut and rapeseed wax as it is one of the most sustainable waxes available and is blended in Europe. It is completely free from paraffin, soy, palm, beeswax and synthetic additives.


Specialty: metal work

Location: Rugby

Anthea is a trained metalsmith, artist and a recycling guru. She combines these skills to create curious works of art and jewellery using recycled copper and brass with the addition of old clock and machine parts. Anthea chooses hand riveting over soldering (where possible) as a preferred method of joining parts. This ensures any natural patina, dinks, dents and character from a previous life, are all preserved in the finished piece. Anthea’s creations are unique due to the nature of the raw materials and with a multitude of interesting parts collected over time it’s both intriguing and exciting to see what comes next.


Specialty: greetings cards

Location: Ryton on Dunsmore

With rather a big obsession with most things “crafty”, Helen is always looking for new things to try, learning new skills, techniques and crafts. But her biggest passion is greetings cards. All of her designs start off handmade but some have been developed into printed and hand finished so to offer a good price range.


Specialty: crochet gifts

Location: Rugby

With a love for natural yarns in beautifully muted colours, Maggie started devising her own patterns at an early age. In 2000 she started designing, crocheting, and selling her beautiful items such as her fingerless gloves, headbands and reusable make-up removal pads. She has recently started using pretty fabrics to create lavender-scented bags, perfect as gifts.


Specialty: plastic free natural soaps & shampoo

Location: Wellsbourne

More information coming soon.



claire wainwright.jpg
georgina samples.jpg


Specialty: fused glass

Location: Knowle

Workshop Tutor

With a talent for fused glass across different mediums, we are happy to welcome Melissa as one of our artists. Fused glass jewellery, bracelets, home decor, coasters much more.

Clare W

Specialty: stained glass

Location: Worcester

Workshop Tutor

Clare has been working with glass for over 20 years, beginning at an Adult Education class, she learnt the Tiffany method (copper foiled) stained glass work consisting of 4 stages, cutting, grinding, copper taping and soldering. She has spent many years honing this technique in her home studio making suncatchers and panels of all sizes and designs. More recently she has been on various courses to learn the art of glass fusing, acid etching, transferring images onto glass and screen printing with enamel. Her work in small to medium sized decorative pieces holds a contemporary feel through the use of these techniques and also by adding inclusions such as shells, glass nuggets and other found items. Clare runs our stained glass workshops.


Specialty: fused glass

Location: Studley

Judith has a variety of experience with creative design ranging from patchwork to ceramics but now concentrates on the design and creation of fused glass artworks and giftware. Fused glass is a technique which involves shaping basic glass materials into carefully planned out shapes or patterns, transferring the pieces into a kiln to be fused; occasionally repeating this process multiple times and ways to achieve different outcomes.


Specialty: fused glass

Location: Claverdon

After many years of teaching and bringing up a young family, George has recently turned her experience and creativity to forming fused glass artwork. She enjoys exploring and developing new glass fusing techniques to produce a variety of structures and designs including hangings, decorative structural pieces and practical items like coasters. Having spent her childhood growing up in North Devon, which she still visits regularly, then settling in Warwickshire after completing her teaching degree at Warwick University, her love of the Warwickshire countryside and dramatic Devon Coastlines have influenced the shapes, colours, textures and content of her work. She has many ideas and concepts bubbling away and we are excited to see where her new creative journey takes her!

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jess 2.jpg
may 23 wet packing enamelling 3.jpg


christine pearson.jpg
Jess Clarke - Profile Pic (1).jpg
michelle prior.jpg

Christine P

Specialty: enamelling

Location: Leicester

Workshop Tutor

Based in her workshop in Leicester, Christine is a contemporary Jewellery Designer, working in Enamelled Copper and Sterling Silver. She uses subtle textures, simple shapes and bold colours to create individual pieces of wearable art. Starting with sheet copper or silver Christine uses a rolling mill to press vintage lace or ribbon into the metal to add texture. She then cuts the individual shapes before drilling, filing, soldering and assembling her jewellery, all by hand. Additional textures are added using steel punches. Different coloured vitreous enamels are added, one layer at a time. The pieces are fired between each layer to around 800* C. One item of jewellery may have 5-6 layers of colour, as well as decorative glass elements. Christine teaches enamelling for beginners and those with some experience. She runs workshops for half or full days.


Specialty: gemstones

Location: Leamington Spa

Jess makes a range of gold, silver and rose gold jewellery with gemstones and pearls from her studio in Warwickshire. The gemstones and pearls are all high quality and many are unique with beautiful natural markings. Using traditional beading and wire wrapping techniques she makes elegant and wearable designs which you can treasure for years to come. All the jewellery comes in gorgeous packaging, making it perfect for gifting or a lovely treat for yourself.


Specialty: silversmith

Location: Pailton

Each item of Michelle's is handcrafted and finished with a modern twist. Her pieces are simple and tactile. She only sells items that she knows to be versatile, affordable, comfortable and practical to wear. All products are made of sterling silver with resin, handmade lamp work beads, copper and rose gold accents. It’s important to Michelle to care about others, so her aim is to be as environmentally responsible as she can. Michelle uses as much eco-silver and packaging as possible and recycles her plastic materials. Sterling silver jewellery that’s modern with a twist.


Specialty: greetings cards

Location: Offchurch

Inspired by ancient frescos in Crete, Eleanor's intention was to make beads which resemble a long lost discovery. Flecks of gold glimmer through the neutral shades. Unexpected colours and patterns occasionally appear. The distressed finish suggests the rediscovery of buried treasure with each bead being unique.

Pug Egg Cosy Lifestyle Shot.jpg
Kate Sproston.jpg


louise b

Louise B

Specialty: textiles

Location: Church Lawford

Louise, the visionary behind Warwickshire Artisans is responsible for bringing all the artists together and the day to day running of the gallery. self taght and with an obsession for perfection and not throwing anything away, she works with textiles and old clothes to create useful items such as bags, aprons and storage baskets as well as pieces of art.


Specialty: embroidery

Location: Nuneaton

Having grown up in a household full of handmade toys and gifts, Kate has always understood the value of a beautifully made product, and the pride taken in creating the piece. This is why each of her products has been made with care and attention to detail from the highest quality materials available. Incorporating this mantra with strong designs and a love for both traditional and contemporary embroidery, Kate offers fresh embroidered pieces for the modern home, some of which can be personalised for an extra special touch.


Specialty: bags & pouches

Location: Coventry

More information coming soon.


Specialty: natural aromatherapy bags


More information coming soon.


Specialty: upcycling


This is Terry and one of her pleasures in life is to deconstruct items that are no longer loved and breathe new life into the fabric to create items that can be treasured and loved once more. Her doorstops are a very popular line. Turning hats into tortoises, tartan and tweed into chickens, owls and hedgehogs, velvet and cord become mice. Terry has found that the garment and fabrics guide her craft and creations meaning she is open to inspiration as she is making. Truly unique and beautiful.

Sleeping Suffolks (1).png

Fiona T-U

Specialty: framed pictures in wool, knitted & sewn

Location: Stratford upon Avon

Fiona creates framed, novelty artworks of woolly animals (mainly sheep,) in her little studio at the bottom of her garden in central Stratford-upon-Avon. She hand knits a background and then works on top of this, hand-stitching the animal and then embellishing it to make the picture. Much of her original inspiration came from holidays in Scotland though now she can make a picture on pretty much any theme and is delighted that her work makes people smile!

John H spoons.jpg

Willow & wood

Rachel toadstool workshop.jpg
Howard lucas photo.jpeg


Specialty: wood & upcycling 


Workshop Tutor

Pip creates town and country houses from reclaimed wood scavenged from house renovations. Her work reflects a love of old houses and a passion for waste reduction. Common features include floral ‘wallpaper’, rusty nails and hand stamped words. Pip’s desire and motivation is to use her artwork to bring a bit of joy into your homes.

Rachel H

Specialty: willow sculptures 

Location: Stratford Upon Avon

Workshop Tutor

More information coming soon.


Specialty: wood turning

Location: Alverston

Howard is a Craftsman with an appreciation of beauty, especially wood, it’s grain patterns & colours. In his bespoke work Howard tries to utilise the natural grain characteristics by sympathetically shaping, creating simple flowing forms. Colour forms an integral part of Howards work, by burning, applying colour & liming pastes all adding a greater contrast, depth & texture to his work emphasising & highlighting natural grain patterns. Fitness for purpose, form & function are also important elements of Howard’s work especially when using discarded items, he relishes the challenges presented by working with unwanted materials using them to create new functional pieces with character & charm.


Specialty: willow

Location: Rugby

Christina lives in Warwickshire and weaves various items out of UK grown willow. Some items are functional, others decorative, and all can make a lovely addition to your home, garden, or special event, as well as making great gifts for loved ones. With a passion and respect for nature, creating unique items out of natural and sustainable materials is important to Christina. She makes small baskets, wreaths of all sizes, decorations for occasions, bird feeders, obelisks and so much more.

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